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Related post: Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 08:20:57 -0700 (PDT) From: "" Subject: Reclaiming Brandan Chapter stories preteen raped OneHey guys! Well, I promised it, so here it is! This story (Reclaiming Brandan) lovely preteens pictures and all of its parts, components, etc., are the intellectual property of me( and drunk preteens are not to be stolen, reproduced, top bbs preteens brazilian pussy preteen slightly altered and claimed as one's own work, and so on. Please don't steal my stuff. If I find out that you've been copying my works, I will pluck your eye out! brazilian girls preteens (Pai blog nude preteen Mei beard flick)This story is completely fiction. Meaning, this story is fictitious.Additionally, there is no erotica in this story. Additionally, springing a boner due to reading this story will lead to your dick exploding and possibly killing you.One more thing. I said that this story would take place in mid-summer 2007, but I've decided to add a little backstory. So, we'll be traveling back to 2003.----------Reclaiming BrandanPrologue: Our First Encounter----------========== Today is September 4, 2003. My name is David Hernandez. I'm in sixth grade, and it's been exactly a week since school started. Middle school is okay. There's been top preteen sluts a lot less teasing and stuff like that than elementary school, but I don't like having to do all of this homework. It sucks. Right preteen preteen tgp preteens ilegal porn now, I'm starting free preteen softporn first period. I have... Uh, crap... I can't really the preteen body pronounce this guy's name, but I'll give it a shot... Mr. Pr-... Uh, whatever. I'll preteen girl models just write it. His preteen boys feet name is Mr. Prasparilla. I'm serious. vombat illegal preteen That's his name. Anyways, he's my Social Studies teacher. Today, he's decided that we (Meaning, the kids in this preteens in thongs class.) need to know each other a little better, so he's paired each of us up with another person and we're going to learn five things about each other. As Mr. Prasparilla is going down the list, I begin to realize that he's going in alphabetical order. "Hernandez... Hummell... Okay. David and Brandan! You two will be working together." I was actually really nervous about this, since my experiences in elementary school had turned me halloween preteen nude into a rather shy and withdrawn kid. "Okay... Let's get this done and over with, alright?" said my partner. "Uh... Alright, free preteen boy I guess." I mumbled. And we worked to finish our preteen thumb gallery "project". I learned that he had two half-brothers and one sister, and he learned that I liked to travel, especially to the Philippines. young sex preteen "That actually wasn't so bad..." he said. "Yeah. You said preteen imgboard japan your name was Brandon, right?" "It's Brandan. With two "a"s." "Huh. That's new. I'm David." I said. "Alright... Funny, we finished this project, and we didn't even bother to preteens supermodel toplist introduce ourselves!" Brandan said. "Yeah. Well, class is about to end. I'll see you at lunch, then, I guess." "Okay." he said.========== Ever since that day, Brandan and I were best friends. We went to each other's birthday parties, preteen ilegal sexy we nudism to preteens younger preteen model would hang out every weekend, we were the best of friends... Those preteen swimwear modeling days were over now, though... The Brandan galleries preteen porn Hummell I knew was gone.----------Reclaiming BrandanChapter One: The End---------- hermanas preteen torrent "Fuck you, David! You know what! Fuck you! I've had enough of this bullshit! I just can't stand being around you! It's just... It's animated preteens nude too fucking awkward! I know I should've told you before, but preteen latina porn I never had the heart... photos nude preteens But still, this shit is over!" he was preteen modleing pictures letting it all out. What he'd wanted to say for so long... It was all coming out now. It's funny... I'd been expecting this moment for a very long time now... Ever since I came out, Brandan has been acting very differently. Well, not VERY differently, but differently enough that I could sense something changing. He was preteen model erotica raised in a Republican family. No matter how much he free preteens illegal tried to preteens fashion change that, it preteen fuck vids would always be there. I knew that we wouldn't be friends forever. It just wouldn't make any sense. A gay kid being friends with a Republican kid? Honestly... That's as probable as Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort getting it on in front of a resurrected Cedric Diggory! ...Er... Okay, that was weird... "Brandan..." I sighed. "I knew this would be coming. I guess that means that we're not friends anymore, huh?" "Unfortunately, it does mean that. I'd better get going now, before I'm spotted with... With..." "Just say it, Brandan. Say it like the way you used to." "Before I'm spotted with preteen bodys model some faggot!" "Alright then. Leave." sex gay preteenboys And at that moment, Brandan turned on his heel and walked out the door. I preteen thumb closed it behind him and sat on the couch. I needed some TV. Most people would be breaking down at this point, but not me. I'd known preteen angels naked that my friendship with Brandan was over already, so it came as no surprise to me when he came to my front door. It had started as a rather peaceful conversation, actually...========== 'DING-DONG' "Coming!" I shouted. I ran down the preteen bbs porno stairs and opened the door. "Hey, Brandan..." I said. I wasn't expecting any visits today... "Uh... Hi, David." he said. Immediately, I could sense that something was going on. "Do you wanna come in?" I asked. "Sure." he said. I led him in and closed the door behind him. "So, what brings you to my lovely establishment of a house?" I asked. "Hahah..." he chuckled. "Well, not much, but..." I already knew what was happening. I'd known that this was going to come for a while now... Ever since our conversations became one-sided and being around him felt... Well, a bit awkward, really. The warmth and friendliness that was once there was now gone, preteen girls kingdom and replaced with uneasiness and to some extent, a subtle preteen model movie hostility. But still, he didn't have the heart to say anything. I might as well push him in the direction he wants to go... "Just spit it out, Brandan. Obviously, you're here for a reason, and I'm sure I know why, but I have to hear it from you." I said, in a more business-like tone. "Uh... What do you mean, David?" Brandan asked, a bit more nervous now. I had him naked photos preteen now. "Come on, dude! Grow some balls or something! People, especially you, don't come over to my preteens panties nude house for no reason! You have something to tell me, so spit it out or leave like a pussy!" "Fuck you, David! You know what! Fuck you! I've had enough of this bullshit! I just preteen bondage underage can't stand being around you! It's just... It's too fucking awkward! I know I should've told you before, but I never had the heart... But still, this shit is over!"========== It was so strange... All of my friends were gone... Except for one... I flipped open my cellphone and dialed a number. "Hey, Jake?" "Yeah, David?" Jake responded. "Do preteen padgent naturalists you mind if you could come over to my house sometime preteen little yuong soon?" "No, not at all. I'm actually bored as fuck right now. I'll be there in a few minutes." "Alright. See ya then." I said. I hit the "end call" button ukrainian girls preteen and flipped my phone shut. It was nice to know that I still preteen nonnude samples had Jake with me. And as promised, I heard the doorbell preteen amateurpedofilia ring a few preteen swimsuit tgp minutes later. Outside preteen nu pics was Jake. "Hey Jake!" "Hey David! What's up?" "Nothing much, Jake..." "Are you sure? You sound like something's wrong..." "Well... It's virgin preteen fuck about Brandan." "What? What happened?" "C'mon. preteen photos xxx Let's sit down first." I said. We made our way to the living room, where we sat down on a couch. "So, what's wrong?" Jake asked, "Well, I knew this day was coming... Brandan's changed... We're not friends anymore..." "*tch*... I knew this was coming..." "So was I, Jake..." "Well, I'm still here, and you're still with me. To me that's all that matters." "Yeah... You're right. As long as we're together... Well, then preteen dancing nonude life can be at least a little okay." "Yeah. David..." "Yeah, Jake?" "You know how much I love you, right?" "Er... Is this going in an R-rated direction?" "Hahah... Just shut up and kiss me, you fool." Jake leaned towards preteen free model me preteen feet modeling and our lips made contact. The sensation was dulling, yet warm. Sort of like one of those weird infrared preteen anatomy image foot massager thingies. I guess one could compare it to drinking alcohol, without little preteen nymphs the whole feeling preteen models hairy sick and puking part. Kissing Jake made the world seem right again. Like everything would be okay, as far as I was concerned. After we separated, I looked japanese preteenrape straight into Jake's eyes, and said, "That was nice. I needed that." "Any time for my boy. I love you so much..." "And they say that love preteen ******** photo is an unbreakable bond... I love you too, Jake." "Yeah. voyeur preteen Ya know what, I'm bored. Let's watch some TV!" "Eh... Alright. What's preteensz gallery today?" "It's August 3." "Ah. Damn. Nothing good is ever on on a Friday." "Well, you have that "On Demand" thingy for your cable." "Yeah... You're right, Jake! Let's watch some music videos or something." "Sounds good to me." And so we continued to the On Demand channel in our quest to quash our boredom. Jake and I watched a few videos, preteens bbs members including the new one from Fall Out Boy, nud preteens for "The Take Over, The Break's Over". We both thought that it was at least a little strange that the video would take place in Pete's dog's dream, but we thought that it was kinda funny when the backdor preteenz band got attacked by these people with water balloons. "Dude, that video is on crack!" I said. "No shit, man. Did you see illegal preteenz those breakdancing mailmen? What was up with that?" "No idea, man. No idea..." We checked the clock on the cable box. It was already 6:30. "Hey, David? I think I preteens model boy might need to go home now..." "That's fine. preteen euro Thanks for stopping by. I'm a lot better now, thanks to you." "Any time, studmuffin." "Did you just call me "studmuffin"?" "Why, yes, I think I just did." I paused for a bit. "Studmuffin it is, I guess." I said, with a straight face. Jake broke out into laughter. "Hahah... Fine. You're still David. I'll see ya later, okay?" "Alright. Bye, Jake." I said, as he walked out the front door. pretty preteen cunts I stood there a bit, until he asian preteens torrent had arrived at the corner, and then I closed the door so that random bugs wouldn't get cp preteen modeling into the house anymore. I went upstairs, to my room, and locked the door. I picked up my new acoustic guitar and started plucking a few notes. After a while, I subconsciously began to sing. 'Oh, I was there on the day, They sold the cause for the queen. And when the lights all went out, We watched our lives on the screen. I hate the ending myself, But it started with an alright scene...' "Damn..." I said to myself. "Brandan loves this no top preteens song. I should probably stop playing this before I get too sentimental...' Inside, I still missed him, even though it was just a little bit. All of those days when we would hang out and joke around and stuff. Those days when we would just have fun being around each other. preteen incest fuck Those days when we could go to each others' houses if something was wrong... But those days were gone. Where the hell did I go wrong? What the fuck preteen young girlsnude did I do? I decided not to frustrate myself with the problem any further and put preteen latin angel my guitar away. I pre teen flowers pulled out my iPod and hooked it up to my stereo system. I had no idea what I preteen hymen stories was listening to previously, but I couldn't decide free preteen webcams what to preteen hookers immerse myself in, so I just hit the "play" button. 'I wish I was free of this... I see her in my dreams, Wish that she wasn't there, She still haunts me and I, Still feel her breath on me, Still want to taste her skin, But I know that would kill me...' webcam preteen 14 Eh. Maybe a bit of screaming preteen boys imageboard would help to get rid of some of this stress... "NO! DAMN HER! STILL I, CHOKE ON HER LIES! STILL REELING FROM HER LAST CARESS HER GOODBYE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Being so loud was having an effect on preteen ilegal world me, really. It was like teeny preteens a little bit preteen beuty of pain and anguish was expelled from my body. "That's so much better..." innocent preteen porn I mumbled to myself. I collapsed on my bed and turned the men fucking preteens volume of my music down to a level where I could fall asleep. During that night, I had a rather strange dream. In fact, I wouldn't even call it a dream. In fact, it was more of a 13 preteen modles flashback, if anything.========== I was standing there, in a cafeteria. Actually, it was the cafeteria from my middle school. I sat down at my usual lunch table with my little "circle" of "friends". nude angles preteen Josh, Trent, Dan, Robbie, Will, Mark, and Brandan were all there. Naturally, I sat next to family preteen nude Brandan since we were friends before moving to this table. I wet preteen pictures looked over at nadia model preteen Josh, and it seemed as if he was trying to avoid eye contact with me. Wait... This must have been back preteen nymphets portal in cute preteen nymphets eighth grade! young euro preteens Suddenly, I was facing Brandan's direction. "Hey, Brandan... Can ukrainian preteen art I talk with you in private?" "Uh, sure..." We both got up and walked outside. "Uhm... Brandan?" caught preteen thumbs "Yeah, David? What's up?"========== Suddenly, I was back in the world of the conscious. That dream... Hell, it wasn't a dream. It truly was a flashback. Everything was just as how it played out back in eighth grade. There weren't any odd parts or distorted memories at all... It was all crystal clear. And then I remembered. Where it all started going downhill. Where I fucked up and when our friendship began to deteriorate... Just two fucking simple words and everything changed.========== "Uhm... Brandan?" "Yeah, David? What's up?" "...I'm gay."==========----------...Phew. Sorry for the delay, guys. I was out on an unexpected vacation for a week with no laptop or anything.All feedback, including comments, suggestions, underground preteen girls questions, conversations, and/or book and movie reviews are to be sent to ( Oh, flames are okay too, I guess.
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